Hello. Welcome to my site. I was bitten by the photography bug about 25 years ago, and over the years, have developed a few serious and strange symptoms: waking up at odd hours with an impending idea, traveling into dangerous territory, and leaving the house late at night to shoot the moon or other bright objects.

I would like for others to see my perspective on life and photography. Perhaps more important, I hope that others can share in that view or at least appreciate the beauty or uniqueness that I see in life.

Whether it is lying down on a busy sidewalk in Toronto, stalking herons in a marsh in British Columbia, or waking up before dawn to capture the sun as it rises over the ocean horizon in Maine, I am obsessed with capturing the world around us. I also hope to share with others, the interesting events and beautiful scenery that we sometimes take for granted: that which we pass by.

I am forever indebted to my wonderful family for letting me sneak out to take some pictures when my soul stirs or the lighting is just right. I will forever cherish the times with my new trainees, Madison and Nathan. Thank you as well to my parents, who got me started on this great adventure when they loaned me their old manual Pentax.

We are constantly bombarded with images nowadays. Please take the time to look at these ones and those of other photographers, because behind our photos is a world of care and time that is sometimes not recognized.

Paul Lorenz

Fonthill, Ontario